About Mary

Mary McLoughlin graduated from the 4 year studio program in Fine Arts at the University of Toronto in 1973. She became a painter and illustrator of children’s books until the age of 31 when she began her family. Since 1995 her art has revolved exclusively around painting. She has been in numerous group shows and in 1999 had a one woman show at the Russell Gallery in Peterborough, Ontario.

From June to September, 2012 she had a solo show at the Art Gallery of Peterborough.

“I paint flowers because of the resonance I experience with it. I am both myself and the image simultaneously, so the painting becomes an extension of my experience. The flower is receptivity by its very nature. It is erotic in its colour and form. It is at the same time vulnerable and powerful, and all about fertility. When I create the painting I greatly expand the scale to draw the viewer into the flower’s sensuality. My new body of work at the Art Gallery of Bancroft in June, 2015 is called Becoming the Light: the Art of the Flower. These paintings focus on the relationship between the flower and the sunlight that it seeks, those transitory moments when the light penetrates and illuminates, sometimes appearing to come within.”